Emmett Culligan is represented by:

William Havu Gallery
1040 Cherokee Street
Denver, Colorado 80204


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The Mayor's Design Award Winners

"The best in architecture and exterior design throughout the mile-high city. And the winners are...

WINNER IN THE 'BUILDING WELL, LIVING WELL' CATEGORY Using intentional design, these projects promote community health through active living, access to healthy food and transit, or walkability. They take a holistic approach to the question of where we live, work and play in order to connect it to how we live, work and play, and how we can do it better."

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Publication: Coloradohomesmag.com

Photo credit: CHL Staff


Sulpture at the Goodwill flagship store in Saint Paul Minnesota

New sculpture installed on University

"When people visit the new Goodwill Easter Seals store at 1239  University Ave., they will experience more than just a new place to shop and donate goods and clothing.  They will be greeted by new public art, a gift to the community that reflects the positive energy of the project and the neighborhood..."

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Emmett Culligan's design for 7 bus shelters on West Colfax

Check out the installation of 7 new public art bus shelters entitled "Prismatic" featuring Emmett's trademark inflated stainless steel and colored glass.  All 7 bus shelters are located on West Colfax Avenue.



West Colfax corridor in Denver gets colorful new bus shelters, signs

By Joe Vaccarelli

Happen to notice West Colfax looking more colorful lately? The West Colfax Business Improvement District recently finished installing new bus shelters and signs.

The new shelters are colored in rainbow order and were donated by the Regional Transportation District. Professional artist Emmett Culligan did the artwork. There are seven shelters along the corridor, which spans from Federal to Sheridan Boulevard.

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Video: Unbound: Sculpture in the Field