Emmett Culligan is represented by:

William Havu Gallery
1040 Cherokee Street
Denver, Colorado 80204


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Emmett Culligan's Sculpture at Cherry Hills Village

"Artist Emmett Culligan has earned a name for himself as one of Colorado’s leading contemporary sculptors. When one looks at the body of his work, this comes as no surprise. Perhaps what is more unusual is that he is not only an artist. he is a craftsman and businessman as well. Many of today’s sculptors—perhaps most—are primarily conceptual artists. They conceive of their idea, the design and materials, and then turn the concept over to an artisan who will actually fabricate the physical artwork itself. This is not true of Emmett. When it comes to the process of realizing the piece of art itself, he is hands-on. Emmett will point out that for him, art is just as much about craftsmanship and the integrity of the piece as it is about the original concept. Emmett maintains that an important aspect of the art process is lost when the sculptor is absent from the actual execution of the work of art. It is in the physical creation where the artist’s intellect and emotion meet. And, it is the artist who knows when and whether the original concept has been realized. The artist’s involvement gives the artwork its essence...."READ MORE HERE ON PAGE 7

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