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1040 Cherokee Street
Denver, Colorado 80204


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Emmett Culligan's Sculpture at Cherry Hills Village

"Artist Emmett Culligan has earned a name for himself as one of Colorado’s leading contemporary sculptors. When one looks at the body of his work, this comes as no surprise. Perhaps what is more unusual is that he is not only an artist. he is a craftsman and businessman as well. Many of today’s sculptors—perhaps most—are primarily conceptual artists. They conceive of their idea, the design and materials, and then turn the concept over to an artisan who will actually fabricate the physical artwork itself. This is not true of Emmett. When it comes to the process of realizing the piece of art itself, he is hands-on. Emmett will point out that for him, art is just as much about craftsmanship and the integrity of the piece as it is about the original concept. Emmett maintains that an important aspect of the art process is lost when the sculptor is absent from the actual execution of the work of art. It is in the physical creation where the artist’s intellect and emotion meet. And, it is the artist who knows when and whether the original concept has been realized. The artist’s involvement gives the artwork its essence...."READ MORE HERE ON PAGE 7


Artist Profile: Emmett Culligan


Review: Parallel Lines at Havu Gallery Is an Unseasonably Hot Show 

"Review: Parallel Lines at Havu Gallery Is an Unseasonably Hot Show


TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2016 AT 10:09 A.M.


The Metiers on the walls wrap around works by Culligan, a noted Denver sculptor. I first saw his work in the back room at Pirate in the 1990s. At the time, Culligan was still a young, emerging artist, but it was already obvious that he would rise to the top of the heap — and he has, with a number of major commissions for public art now under his belt."

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Emmett Culligan exhibiting with Amy Metier and Brad Ellis opening reception April 29th 6-9pm


West Colfax Keeps Moving

November 8, 2015 by  

By Basha Cohen


The West Colfax BID’s Art in Transit project was recently awarded the Governor’s Award for Best Use of Public Space in Durango, Colorado. The project includes artist-design bus shelters by Emmett Culligan, whose colored glasses glow brightly in the sun and complement color coordinated bus shelters, as well the custom way-finding signs by Hyperform Design Co-op. Dan Shah, Director of the BID notes, “Through these elements, the WCBID has set out to celebrate and enhance the transit experience, as well as develop greater support for pedestrian and bicycle use to connect the neighborhoods on both the north and south side of West Colfax Avenue in an integrated identity.”

Publication: North Denver Tribune

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Photo Credit: Emmett Culligan